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On this website you will find:
  • The ancestors of DaniŽl Kruizinga
  • The ancestors of Harmke Reinhart
  • The genealogy of the Runhart family

    Reinhart/Runhart (my father maternal line) is actually one family. The name has changed over the course of time. Currently there are several variations, but they are - if the branch is originaly from the province of Overijssel - the same family.
    Reinhart: ancestors of Harmke Reinhart (my grandmother)
    Runhart: genealogy of Willem Willemz

    My father's side of the family. Most of them originate from the province of Groningen.
    Kruizinga: ancestors of DaniŽl Kruizinga (my grandfather)

    On this website you will see only a small part of the information I gathered over the years. It is impossible (and not even desirable) to put everything online. If you are related to the Reinhart/Runhart family, and you can't find anything on this website, do not hesitate to contact me. I may have information about your ancestors after all.
    Information about people who are still alive and that of non-public records, you will not find here. If anything is unclear, incorrect or if you have an addition, please let me know.

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    Source header: Van Leer's Fotodrukind. N.V., Amsterdam
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